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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

    There was a little deer who liked to look at the night sky full of stars, and dream. Every single falling star was caught by the deer in their drawings. They drew the worlds that they've never seen with creatures that they've never met. Being a dreamer the little deer imagined themselves as a space traveler who touches the souls of earthlings by bringing them colors and shapes of outer space. 

    From when I was a little deer I created art every day drawing in all the empty spaces I could find around, making my own illustrated books about alien creatures and space adventures, dreaming of being an artist when I grow up.


    Some people called me a dreamer who was out of this reality, so I got a degree in International Relations (secretly hoping for a diploma in Intergalactic Relations, of course), but kept doing what I was always passionate about - art. 


    I started teaching myself design at the age of 17 trying to prove to others and to myself that I can push through without an art degree if I put enough effort into what I'm in love with.


   Since then I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with several international companies and work on some interesting art projects (the recent one is a board game “Blabel” that I designed for a Spanish company). 


   I have experience in illustration, concept art, game design, animation, web design, print design, broadcast design, logo design, photography and E-sports design that I've been working on since the beginning of 2019. 


More facts about me:

  • Based in Iceland

  • Identify as non-binary (they/them pronouns)

  • Queer activist

  • Feminist

  • Environmentalist

  • Vegetarian

  • Hobbies include: photography, languages, anime, cosplay, video games, guitar and singing, sci-fi, astrophysics, psychology, rock climbing, writing, traveling.


The Office of the President of Iceland with the President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson presenting an artwork made for him, 2019


I'm open and excited for collaboration, let’s create something beautiful together!


Stay Galactic! >;)

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